Entry: A TREAT FOR KIDS. .AND THE YOUNG AT HEART. Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hmm..i did get feedbacks from some yummy mummies that hubby and kids are hogging their shower gels and lotions. Good thing BBW recently released their signature line for kids.

There are 6 items in this line. For each scent, there is an SPF15 lip balm, body splash, body lotion, 3in1 wash, shapeable foaming soap (for the body) and anti-bacterial foaming soap (for the hands).

What a good way to create a pleasurable bathing experience. The shapeable foaming soap sounds like fun!

There are 3 yummy (the adults confirmed that they smell yummy..so i guess the usage is not limited to kids only) to choose from.

A. Blueberry Blizzard- Juicy fresh blueberries swirled with creamy, sweet vanilla.

B. Cool Kiwi Berry - A blend of ripe strawberries and tart kiwis.

C. Frosty Gumball - The smell of sweet bubblegum without the stickiness.

(Pics were sourced online, not my own collection)

SPF15 Lip Balm (RM35)


This tasty lip balm makes lips feel great while helping protect against chapping and sunburn. It clips to backpacks, belt loops and more, to go anywhere kids go!

Shimmer Splash - 4oz (RM55)

Kids love sparkle! This splash gives just a hint of shimmer and makes skin smell great, too.

Swirl Body Lotion - 3.3oz (RM55)

Dry skin can feel itchy! It's easy to keep skin nice and soft this winter with this fun, swirly body lotion. And kids will love the great scent.

3 in 1 Wash ( Bubble Bath + Shampoo + Body Wash) - 8oz (RM55)

With lots of sudsy bubbles, this rich, creamy 3-in-1 can be used from head to toe as a bubble bath, body wash and shampoo. Kids will love how soft it makes their skin, and it smells great, too.

Shapeable Foaming Soap (for the body) - 5 oz (RM55)

Kids will love this gentle, foaming soap! It can be made into fun shapes that float, and it leaves skin super-soft, squeaky clean and smelling great.

Look what the shapeable soap can do! This mommy bought all 3 for her kid.

(Pic from makeupalley)

Anti-bacterial Foaming Soap (for hands) - 8oz (RM45)

This fun, foaming hand soap is a great-smelling way to help protect kids from germs! Remind them to count to 20 while washing, and they'll have the cleanest hands around.

Postlaju Charges will be as per my usual rate.


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March 15, 2011   02:47 AM PDT
hi there. i know these products are from a looong time ago, but do you still have anything left in stock of the kids frosty bubblegum?? specifically the swirl lotion? please e-mail me at millimeters006@yahoo.com

thanks so much!
January 22, 2009   07:33 AM PST
What do I do if the shapeable foam doesn't squirt out anymore? It worked once and can't get it to work again? My niece had the same problem with hers. ANy ideas?
November 24, 2008   08:46 AM PST
ooh ok. if i order now, when can the item arrive kat m'sia? n how about the payment ya? my email azyyati.muhammad@gmail.com.thanks!
November 13, 2008   05:04 PM PST
Hie dear! Yes..boleh order lagi..
November 13, 2008   02:59 PM PST
still boleh kalau nak order this kids range kan?

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