Entry: VICTORIA'S SECRET WARM & COZY BODY MIST Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I just want to share ya..because this scent received so many good reviews..might as well i feature it in my blog. It's a limited edition so get it while stocks last.

Pink With A Splash - Warm & Cozy- RM115 (250ml)

Lotion - RM125 (400ml)

Take Both for RM195!

A refreshing, scented spritz to spray wherever you want. Lightly soothes with aloe and chamomile. This latest, limited-edition scent is a comforting blend of toasted vanilla, pink peony and raspberry.

Reviews taken from Makeupalley

" Yum, I LOVE this new smell! It's a light scent with both vanilla and fruity/floral notes. You could easily wear this in either summer or winter. Great fragrance!"

" love this body splash; as well as using this as a body fragrance I spritz it over a brush, before brushing my hair & I lightly spray over clothes and bed linen. I simply can't get enough.

As the name suggests this is indeed warm and comforting in the autumn/winter months, thanks to they key note; toasted vanilla. But as this body splash is light with fruity notes of raspberry and coconut, you can wear this in the spring/summer. For me WARM & COZY is a year round must-have!!"

"THIS FRAGRANCE IS AMAZING. usually all of the VS scents get old after a while but this never does! It is exactly what it says: warm and cozy, it combines just the right amount of vanilla with frutier notes. PINK warm & cozy is something i will wear for a very very long time :)"

"I adore this, along with all VS scents, not including Rapture. This is very accurately described as a "comforting blend of toasted vanilla, pink peony and raspberry". I definately agree with this. It IS very warm and cozy, not to mention sexy. I got this in the All Over Body Mist, as well as the Supersoft Body Lotion and I like to layer them. Would definately repurchase!"

"I love it. It's vanilla, but it also has the floral undertones to really make it smell fun, not boring."

"I just bought this (body wash, lotion, and body spray) at Victoria's Secret today, and I have to say, I am liking it a lot! It definitely smells warm and cozy, and I got compliments on it twice today. "

"I just sampled this today because of a review about it on youtube and fell in love instantly! True to its name, it's a warm and comforting scent. The toasted vanilla reminds me of marshmallows :) After the initial vanilla note, a fruity, raspberry aroma kicks in. I've gotten compliments on it already! This scent just smacks of winter. I love it! I took one lippie off, though, because I wish it lasted longer!"

"love this and i usually cannot stand vanilla, it gives me a headache but because they mix it with fresh smelling scents, its a vanilla i can stand and love. "

"Lovely body spray...smells clean to me...also smells like raspberry and vanilla...Victoria's Secret makes wonderful perfumes..."

"Love this! I have the body wash, body spray and lotion. The lotion is ultra moisturizing and makes me so soft. And this is a very inviting fragrance. Try it!"

"great vanilla fresh cozy warm scent all together...love this!"

"This is described as a toasted vanilla, pink peony & raspberry fragrance. I get strong warm vanilla and a slight floral/fruity in the background. I can't specifically pick out the peony or raspberry. That said I love this scent!!
Definitely a warm & cozy vanilla scent : )"

"Warm & Cozy lotion is a real treat! The fragrance is delicious - a warm, vanilla-based scents with suggestions of berry - and much more wintery than the Pink original scent. The formula is very soft and smooth - it's thin, which is good for fast absorption, although it may not be sufficient as a winter moisturizer if your skin gets very dry. If you just need an everyday-type moisturizer for straight out of the shower, though, this is great - one squirt for each arm and leg, and I'm good to go. Given the huge size of the bottle, it's safe to say that it'll last me for a while, too."

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