I love coconut scents (and by coconut, i don't mean minyak kelapa). So when i came accross this item, i thought i might offer it in my blog. It's for you to decide...hehehe! Like always, i do all the best of the best product search for you Big Smile and hope you'll like it.

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Ile De Tahiti Coconut Vanille 50ml EDT - RM150

Beach in a bottle. The tropical scents of Coconut and Bamboo float within White Iris and Musk, transporting the senses and the imagination. Getaway is now everyday.

  • Fragrance Top Notes: Coconut Water, Lush Bamboo
  • Fragrance Mid Notes: Coconut Milk Head Space, Super Hedione Captive, White Iris
  • Fragrance Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk Captive, Creamy Sandalwood
  • Dry Down: Vanilla, White Musk captive, Creamy Sandalwood

What people say about the scent:

"I have nothing but the best things to say about any of the Coconut Vanille fragrances! You really have to try them to see how awesome the Ile de Tahiti line of products are. They are also unbelievably classy and deluxe looking, and would make a perfect gift. Close your eyes, and just imagine yourself on a warm, relaxing tropical island getaway!"

"This is the best coconut lotion ever!!! Completely pure, it will take you on a Hawaiian vacation every time you use it! Fresh, pure coconut, with a hint of vanilla. Ile de Tahiti is the perfect gift for any coconut lover, and the packaging is ultra deluxe looking. 5 stars all the way!!!"

"I am soooo happy B&BW brought this back. I have emailed them and have been looking every few weeks because I was advised they bring back scents once in a while. I have been saving my current bottle so it would last. Please keep this fragrance!"

"THANK YOU!!!!! FOR BRINGING THIS LINE BACK!!!! You guys were doing yourselves a disservice by removing this from your products!!!
I CAN'T tell you enough how amazing this line is and the SMELL IS PHENOMENAL!
Every time I wear it, someone goes, WHAT are you wearing?!!!?
I always tell them, even though I would like to keep it my little sweet smelling secret! haha.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
This stuff smells like HEAVEN and PLEASE PLEASE Don't EVER get rid of it again!!!
I will be a customer for life if you keep this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I have the lotion, body wash, and the perfume of all this stuff. I do not like a strong scent and this stuff was the best. I love going to the beach and this scent put me back at the beach all of the time. The sent lasted the whole time I was at work, but was not too powerful when I put it on. I get complements on it all of the time. I went into the store to get some more and there was nothing left. I am moving and wanted to get a fresh stash for my new house and learned that the item was being discontinued. I have use BBW stuff from time to time, but could never find a scent I liked and that was not too powerful. Please bring this line back, it is the best thing out there."

"Although i love the scents of most Bath and Body Works products, my skin is sensitive so i am limited to what i can use. This product, though, is AMAZING!! Smells incredible and makes you feel like you're being pampered at a spa.It's SKIN-credible! I am SO disappointed to hear it is being discontinued. i seriously don't think i will ever find another product that compares. It's amazing how my skin glows now. PLEASE don't discontinue one of your BEST products ever!!"

"This product is AMAZING!! It smells so good. It isnt to strong. Its very subtle. Please, Please, Please, do not discontinue this product. This line Ile De Tahiti is one of the BEST Bath and Body Works has."

"I was interested in this perfume as I'm a sucker for pretty names. Being that it comes from B&BW I didn't have the highest expectations but did hope that it would be a light comfortable inexpensive scent to wear at home as a daily pick me up while I do laundry blah blah.....I was so very very surprised to find that this leapt head and bounds beyond some of my other perfume faves and I wear it on a nearly daily basis....it never fails to get compliments and usually from men. Its light and not in the least overwhelming.....to me its perfect sweet and warm...more vanille (and another reviewer mentioned lilies), with a touch of coconut. I NEED backups...."

"MMMM very good blend it's a bit sweet and also a bit similar to the warm vanilla sugar but the coconut is defenetly there. It's great scent for the morning very soft."

"This is a charming arrangement of coconut, vanilla and floral. Personally, I would have thought it would be more expensive if I didn't know what it was and someone was wearing it. Someone mentioned CSP's Vanille Coco. This B&BW scent is Sooo much better than that! Vanille Coco made me think of a cheap air freshener - unbalanced, plastic, sickeningly sweet and in your face. Coconut Vanille makes me think of something fresh and clean (the floral notes and white musk), slightly delicious (the hint of vanilla) yet exotic and sexy (the non-obtrusive coconut). Sillage is good, too! Hey, if you try it and don't like it, at least it won't break your wallet, right? :-)
The only thing I would change is the design of the sprayer. No top is OK, but it does seem to be rather delicate and easy to break."

"This is a dark and seductive coconut scent. Yet it's also very tropical. This fragrance does not have the fake plastic note that usual coconut fragrances have. I'm very pleased with this one! This is OUTSTANDING!"

Moana Body Wash 250ml- Coconut Vanille - RM85

Moana means "ocean." Transport skin and senses daily with this rich, moisturizing body wash. Our gentle cleanser is infused with sacred Tamanoi™, a blend of two island secrets: Tamanu nut, a native healing ingredient, and the unequalled moisture of Monoi Oil. Cleanse your skin and soul with this exotic daily ritual.

  • Tamanu nut is known throughout the islands to soothe and heal the skin; it falls naturally from the sacred "Tree of 1000 Virtues"
  • Monoi de Tahiti is also known to the people of Tahiti as "Sacred Oil"; this native island recipe of coconut oil and Tiare flower has long been used to hydrate the skin and hair
  • Our Coconut Vanille fragrance is the beach in a bottle: The tropical scents of Coconut and Bamboo float within White Iris and Musk, transporting the senses and the imagination

What people say about the wash (and the scent)

"This body wash smells sooo good!!! I have nothing but the best things to say about any of the Coconut Vanille fragrances! You really have to try them to see how awesome the Ile de Tahiti line of products are. Close your eyes, and just imagine yourself on a warm, relaxing tropical island getaway!"

"This product is the only B & B product that doesn't dry my skin. When I saw it come back I was thrilled. Please make this part of the permanent line and not a LIMITED TIME only. I have been stocking up just in case. I can't find the perfume in any of the stores near me. I enjoy the Exotic Coconut but it tends to dry my skin. Plus this scent doesn't clash with my perfume. Please KEEP this in the permanent line!"

"This body wash is sooooo velvety when you lather it up on a shower pouf. My skin feels so much softer when I use this. The scent doesn't wear off too fast on me either. I am so glad I bought all the products in this scent, I wish there were more! I'd love to see a body butter or body shimmer in Coconut Vanille."

"Coconut Vanille is a yummy blend of creamy coconut and sweet vanilla that takes you away!

Ile de Tahiti Body Wash leaves you feeling fresh and clean as you step out of the shower. It produces tons of lather (can be used as a bubble bath too!) and leaves your skin with lingering fragrance."

"The whole line of Ile De Tahiti Coconut Vanille products smell AMAZING!!! My all time favorite BBW scent has always been the Jasmine Vanilla Aromatherapy, and I never thought I would find anything that I liked better. I was so wrong, because once I smelled this I was totally in love!

This body wash is thick and luxurious, and it makes for a fantastic and relaxing bath or shower. And of course, you feel soft and smooth afterward!

Not only that, the lotion is so creamy and makes your skin so soft. Top that off with a couple of squirts of the EDT and it's like spending a day in heaven! Don't hesitate to buy this!!

Bath and Body Works had better not discontinue this line again!"

I am so happy Bath and Body Works brought Ile de Tahiti back. This is a sensational line that should've never left to begin with. I have never in all my years experienced such a unique conditioning lotion as I have with this product.

From the second you put it on, you immediately notice how natural the fragrance is. It glides through through your hands slickly like water, and you can almost FEEL the moisturizing your skin and hydrating it.

My friend told me Ile de Tahiti was an amazing line and that once you try it, you'd never go back. I still love my Signature Collection products, but this is a real treat, this stuff. I can see exactly what my friend meant.

I was told that the ingredients in the Ile de Tahiti line, such as Tamanoi oil and the like, are actually more moisturizing than Shea Butter. THAT'S saying something.

If you haven't tried this yet, go take a look it the next time you are in a store. You'll love it. What a nice change from the everyday!"

"I love this scent. It is very light, and reminds me of being at the beach, sipping on a Pina Colada. Neither the vanilla nor the cocunut is overpowering, and it moisturizes very well. I have very dry skin, especially during the winter months, and this product makes my skin very supple and keeps it that way. It makes me feel feminine and positive when I wear it. I love it!"

"In the past, growing up in SoCal, I loved the ocean and all the smells revolved around it. Now living in Georgia, its hard to find such smells. Well, being attracted to the aroma of coconut and Vanille, I was more intrigued to try this product. I think, the product captures what I was looking for. When I used it the first time, It immediately took me back home. I closed my eyes and had an experience. It was wonderful. The second time I used it, I took a bath with it and epson salt. I felt like I was on a vacation at the beach. The best part, besides all of that, is that my fiance noticed a difference in my skin which was really soft to
the touch. You only need a tiny bit and it goes a long way. Hope you try and have an awsome experience"

"I am so thrilled that this line has returned. I've been using B&B Works products almost exclusively since 1996, and I've tried pretty much everything. THIS line though, is a cut above the rest. The only other that has compared to it is the Tutti Dulce products.

This shower cream is so smooth and creamy, after using it I feel like I just spent a day at a spa in Tahiti. I have personally been to Tahiti, and the vanilla there (the Tahitians call it Tahaa vanilla from Tahaa island) really is exceptional vanilla that is NOT like normal vanilla. This actually captured that special Tahitian vanilla. It's a very special thing when you can find a scent that will literally take you back to the greatest vacation of your lifetime.

I am stocking up on this and I hope that B&B Works will continue to offer this truly exceptional line. (And offer the other stuff as well, like the lotions.)"

"I really love coconut fragrances and vanilla fragrances. This is the perfect blend of both. I like to smell summery and exotic all year round and this is a great way to do it without smelling disgustingly fruity or florally. I also love this packaging because its like the Aromatherapy which is my favorite line from BBW."

"I love this line - the fragrance, the texture, and quality are terrific! Once I learned you were discontinuing it, I began to stockpile the body butter and body wash. I am online trying to buy more, but none left through your website. Please reconsider discontinuing this line. My favorite is the Coconut Vanille."

"This is the most heavenly fragrance, and I Just found out that is has been discontinued. I am so very disappointed."


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