Entry: VS SOFT & SEXY VERSATILE WRAP Thursday, October 29, 2009


I love versatile stuffs. The moment i laid my eyes on these beautiful wraps, i knew i must highlight this item my blog.

Ok, this soft and sexy wrap can be styled 6 ways and is available in a choice of 11 different colours. Sizes that can be ordered are XS-XL.

The Soft and Sexy Wrap

Normal Price: RM 345

Sales Price: RM 250

A wear-with-everything essential you can style 6 ways. Newly redesigned with even more cashmere for a softer, more luxurious feel. Imported cotton/cashmere.

Can be worn in a variety of styles, including:
Open cardigan
Belted cardigan
Cross-front tie-back
One shoulder

Or create your own look. The possibilities are endless.

Colour Choice:

From the left: Sugar Baby, Blazing Sun.

From the left: Choclate Cherry Heather, Eggplant Heather, Charcoal Heather.

From the left: Vibrant Red, Brilliant Blue, Outrageous Pink.

From the left: Black, Winter White, Light Heather Grey.

Style Ideas

Open cardigan

Instruction: Throw it on and go!

Over the shoulder

Instruction: Toss one side over the other shoulder


Instructions: Tie a knot at your waist and let the ends hang loose

Belted Cardigan

Instructions: Throw it on, then add your favourite belt. Belt is not included.

Wear it cinched at the waist, low-slung on your hips or somewhere in between.

Cross - Front Tie- Back

Instructions: Throw it on, then gather the panels in front and twist them around each other twice.

Holding on to one corner of each panel,pull them out to the sides and & around the back so the panel hand down and cover your hips.

Then tie the corners in a knot.

One Shoulder

Instructions: Turn one sleeve inside out.

Slide the other arm all the way on

Wrap the loose ends around your body from back to front.

Wrap the other side accross your front and under your arm.

Pull the ends together in the back and knot.




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