Entry: [READY STOCK] MOOM NATURAL HAIR REMOVER Thursday, November 12, 2009


I came across this hair remover recently and i have to tell you that i'm interested in the concept as it's natural (sugar based) and very easy to use. When you're ready to use it, just chuck the whole jar into your microwave and heat it or put the jar in a bowl of hot water. Then smooth it on your skin with the spatula provided. After that put the the fabric strip on the parts you put the hair remover, be brave and yank!

I heard it is hurts less than conventional waxing and most importantly, it cleans up with water. Wax based hair removals are pretty messy and you have to clean up properly afterwards but Moom cleans up with only plain water. How easy is that.

The smell is yummy. Good enough to eat. Smells like honey -lemon. The reviews are also awesome. Read them below.

Best of all? These are ready stock items. Please allow 3 days after payment for the item to be packed and couried to you.  No additional postage charges for these items.

Travel Size: MOOM« Organic Hair Removal Face/Travel Kit - RM 44.90

Kit contains:

  • 1.6 oz. (45 g) MOOM« Nourishing Hair Remover
  • 6 small fabric strips
  • 2 small applicator

Full size: Moom Organic & 100% Natural Hair Remover
with Tea Tree Oil for all skin types -RM 119.90

Kit Contains:

  • 6 oz. (170 g) 100% Natural Hair Remover

    18 washable, reusable fabric strips

    4 wooden applicators

    Product Information

    Moom Hair Remover is Sugar-Based for maximum gentleness, performance and convenience. It is Chemical-Free, Wax-Free and Resin-Free.

    MOOMę has reinvented the concept of hair removal by considering the beauty and health of the skin first. MOOM's exclusive technology uses only the purest, most beneficial, organic ingredients to deliver a 100% natural hair remover. MOOM actually pampers your skin with calming Chamomile, healing Tea Tree Oil and delicious Lemon Juice.  Tea Tree is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. MOOM's gentle process reveals the beautiful skin you were born with.

    • Leaves skin hair-free for up to 2 months
    • Ideal for all skin types and delicate areas
    • Remove coarse as well as fine hair effectively
    • Glass Container can be warmed in microwave or water
    • Gently removes the hair with the root
    • Water-soluble and leaves no residue on the skin
    • Washable reusable fabric strips last for years
    • No animal testing
    • Hypoallergenic

    Product Reviews:

    "This product is great! I use it on my legs to keep the hair away for weeks. Easy to wax off as long as you follow instructions - thin layer of wax is all you need. I have used Nads, but think this product is better because the whole process went smoother and hair removed better/quicker with Moom. The tea tree oil gives the wax a wonderful scent and helps to eliminate any rashes/bumps. So put on music and start waxing. Within an hour, you will have smooth silky legs!!!"

    "This is a great product for bikini waxing! After 3 weeks, I still don't have to redo it quite yet. It smells nice, it doesn't leave razor bumps, and most of all, it's easy to clean up, unlike wax. I like it!!"

    " I hate shaving, and am tired of paying a ton for waxing my legs at the local spa/salon so I thought I'd try this & just see how it went. I am SO happy with it! I tried both this and the Parissa strips on my legs. The Moom was a clear winner for me. It was easy to do, worked great and goes a lot further than the Parissa kit. I'd say one 6 oz. jar will do your legs once (from the knees down) if you've let them grow out quite a bit, which I had in anticipation of waxing/sugaring. Make sure to keep the mixture warm - it works a lot better & goes a lot further this way. Cleans up easily. Good luck!"

    " Moom worked! I was super kitty-cat on my cheeks, but the hair was really fine and white. I have spent hundreds of dollars on electrolysis, with no effect to this area on my face. Moom (the tea tree version) is very easy to use - for small areas of the face you don't even have to warm it to honey consistency. If you follow the directions ( start with clean dry skin, spread it paper thin, keep the skin taught with one hand, etc ) it works like a charm with very little pain and very easy to clean up. It's a quick process too - I do it after I wash my face at night before I go to bed - takes maybe 15 minutes. This will remain in my top beauty products until the day I don't care what I look like anymore."

    "This is the first time I've ever used something like this and I like it. I can't do it myself because I am a wimp but my boyfriend does it for me. It doesn't hurt too bad, I really am just a wimp (he has to pull of my band-aids most times too). I like how it comes right off with just some water. It is very simple to use and it works great."
    "I've only used this on my eyebrows so far. As a now ex Nad's user, I can say moom works great. For some reason, I was never able to completely wash Nad's off after using it on my face. Any moom residue washed off very quickly and easily. I'm a convert. I won't say it's painless as ripping one's hair out by the roots is going to hurt no matter how you do it."

    " I loved the product. It worked well everywhere except my eyebrows. Not sure why. My only dissatisfaction was that I used nearly the whole jar on just my lower legs! I was spreading it thin as the direction said but still ran out. I guess if you want to do larger areas order an extra jar of moom with the kit."
    "I use this for my upper lip and bikini area, and I love it. Of course it's not painless (you're ripping hair out by the root), but it's a lot less painful than the other waxing products I've tried. It only hurts very briefly, and this stuff doesn't irritate my skin like a lot of other products did. I also love how it's so easy to clean up, unlike wax"
    "I was apprehensive about waxing myself, but this system makes it easy! I applied the mixture thinly in small sections, rubbed a cloth strip over the area, and pulled. That's it! I looked in morbid fascination at all the hair I pulled up. I love that it's all water-soluble. Once I'm done, I just let the strips soak in warm water for about 30 seconds, and they're clean! It's so easy to just hop in the shower and rinse off all the residue. I've used it for the bikini line and upper lip, and the tub of wax will last me a long time."
    "I purchased Moom to use for face touchups while the esthetician I use was on maternity leave. I love this stuff! It was so easy to use on my eyebrows and upper lip. I love the fact that you can use a wet washcloth to wipe it off an area if needed and that you can reuse the strips over and over. I tried using Moom on the bikini line, and it worked, but it definitely required a lot of practice to use the proper technique. Overall though, I highly recommend this product over any other waxing products."
    "Works great! Was a pro after a few applications, doesn't irritate my skin, removes more hair than creams, I don't have to use it as often, and it's not filled with harmful chemicals. Highly recommended from a girl who has tried every sort of hair remover over the past ten years. I'll call off the search"
    "I LOVE this stuff! It is so much better than wax, which is way too messy and sticky. This stuff cleans up with water which is great. I wouldn't use anything else, this product is great."
    "Product works great, but be patient with your technique. Make sure you pull the skin taught or you might bruise (which goes away quickly.) I had never used anything like this before, but a few days later, I'm still happy with it. Follow directions and keep the Moom in a bowl of warm water while you are doing it. Good luck!"
    "Follow the directions, it works well! It takes a little practice and definitely has to be spread t-h-i-n! After warming it in the microwave, I also keep it in a bowl of hot water to keep it warm. I didn't expect it to pull out every hair, and do expect it to take a few times before I get them all, but I don't care, better than shaving every day. It hurts, of course, but no where nearly as bad as wax. The cleanup isn't too bad either, as when I'm done with a strip, I put it in the sink filled with hot water. Once I'm done, all I have to do is rinse the strips. I highly recommend Gold Bond Medicated Powder before and after using the product, it really decreases the post-yanking sting."
    "As someone who has only had one waxing experience in her life (I had my brows done over the summer) I was apprehensive about trying Moom, for fear that it would be too painful. Boy was I wrong! It was simple, (relatively) painless, quick and effective. The best part is that it is all natural, so I don't have to worry about harsh chemicals getting all over the bathroom and having my cats potentially step in it. I can't imagine going back to any other hair removal method now that I've tried Moom"
    "It's slightly sticky afterwards, but completely washable. The strips' edges get worn after each use, but they provide enough strips. But it works! :)"
    "This is a genius product! It definitely is a LOT less painful than the conventional chemical filled waxes out there. However, you must learn how to use this product effectively in order to get the full benefits. It may require some re-applications of the product, so as to get rid of extra hairs. Although it takes me longer to finish the job, I find Moom a lot easier to use. It doesn't have to be super hot, and only takes me 10 seconds in the microwave to be at the right consistency. It also washes off SO easily-- I can simply rinse my legs/arms/fabric strips clean without worrying about soap or running out of strips. Moom does a wonderful job at leaving my skin smooth and hair free, and I'm so glad I bought it! Also remember to hold your skin taut while swiping off Moom. It makes a difference. Read the entire instruction booklet so as to know how to do everything correctly."
    10 STARS! Awesome! I bought it to use on my bikini area because I was tired of shaving all the time and getting icky bumps. To use, first of all, have baby wipes handy! I use the Huggies extra-sensitive they sell on here, they're perfect. Nuke the jar, but not for too long, and without testing it! I warm it for about 30 seconds and stir it every 10 seconds, then I let it sit for just a little bit to cool down, but still have that nice consistency. The larger strips are nice if you want to do a large area at a time, (use a big glob but spread it VERY thin) but I find cutting lots of little strips is much more practical for those tight spaces. ;-) Also, make sure you hold the skin VERY taunt or you could cause major bruising, which I learned the first time. But this really works and pulls out all the hair very efficiently. It's very satisfying to see it doing what it says it does! Slather on some lotion when you're done, and you have baby-soft skin for weeks! :-)
    "Hands down THE BEST at home hair removal on the market!! I bought it to use on my bikini area (OUCH!) and have had bad luck with other waxing products in the past. But after I read all of the reviews I thought I would give it a try. If you follow the directions(!!) it is super easy and extremely effective. Now I wouldn't say it was painless, I don't know any method of removing your hair by the roots that is painless. But Moom is actually a little less painfull than waxing products that I have tried. And it got ALL of the hair on the first try. I have very course hair, and when I tried Nads, it left hair behind and I had to re-wax areas. Very painful. But Moom got it all every time. I LOVE it, I will never buy anything else. It worked well on my face, too. I would HIGHLY recommend it."
    "Fabulous! This product is easy to use, and saves a lot of money. No more salon waxes for me. It pays for itself over and over again. SOmetimes you have to apply it twice, but still more gentle than traditional wax."
    "Best stuff out there so far! I give 4 stars because it stinks on eyebrows as mentioned by another. I started getting waxed professionally at 15. At 23 I started doing it myself and I am now 38. Watching it done all those years was enough schooling for me. Lets face it, it's not rocket science! Moom makes it easier to do at home. For the eyebrows use prewaxed strips and cut them to the shape of the area you want to wax. Voila."
    "I really like this product. It's easy to clean because it is water soluble and is much less irritating to the skin than some waxing products. It heats up really fast, though, so I had to wait some time for it to cool off to the right consistency. The reusable muslim strips are also some of the best quality I've seen in a waxing kit. I used it on my face, and only had one blemish as a result (I'm prone to many more with other products). I'd give it a try if you aren't totally satisfied with another product"
    "Anytime you rip the hair out of your body it is going to hurt. Don't believe anyone who says differently. I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to trade the discomfort (or pain depending on your tolerance) of doing this for the cost and hassle of having to shave daily. It is very easy to deal with, especially the cleanup. There were a few hairs left behind, but like getting my eyebrows waxed, nothing a pair of tweezers won't take care."
    "Just like everyone else has said...it takes two or three tries to get the hang of it, but once you do you will love this stuff! It hurts a little bit the first couple of times, but you get used to it. Plus, this stuff cleans up so easily!"
    "I learned to bikini "wax" on the Sally Hansen sugar-wax product. I found it challenging, but not impossible, yet was missing hairs left and right. I then had one professional wax so that I could watch the technique, which helped a bit. When it was time to buy more wax, based on the previous Moom reviews, I purchased this product. The detailed instructions, coupled with the superior product, made my next bikini wax a completely different experience. When the skin is very taut, and the pulling hand skims just barely over the surface in order to maintain the correct angle, Moom pulled as many hairs as the professional wax. One waxing session completely paid for itself in comparison with a professional bikini wax, and I have months of applications left in the jar. I don't anticipate trying another waxing product again."
    " This was my first try waxing, and I was very impressed. I have an epilator for my legs and underarms, so I only used this on my bikini area. The first time hurt a little bit, but not nearly as much as I expected, and the second time I tried barely hurt at all. The skin isn't even tender! Wax left on the skin washes off with just a little warm water. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it doesn't get all the hair on the first try, although that could just be my technique. Like everyone else says, the key is just to get a very thin layer, pull the skin taught, and it hurts a lot less if you don't hesitate at all when you pull the strip off."
    "This product is the best! It is so easy to use, and very effective. No mess! I highly recommend it."
    "Very good product; will buy it forever! The first time is a learning experience, and may be painful. Subsequent times are easier and much less painful. Kept a wet washcloth nearby to keep hands un-sticky. Used for facial use only and as long as I washed with soap and water after use, there was no irritation or redness."
    "This is the best hair removal product I've tried. It hurt less than Nad's and removed more hair. Using this product I had no problem removing even coarse hair around my bikini line. Legs and underarms were a breeze. Proper technique is essential, but the booklet included with the kit tells you everything you need to know. If you want to try waxing/sugaring, definitely use Moom!"
    "I used to use the roll on wax for my legs, but this product made leg waxing much easier! I like the consistency of it and I love how it is easy to wash off. I did not even have to grow my hair out that long. I even used it on my eyebrows and it worked great!"
    "I love this stuff! I took a couple of applications to get it spread correctly, but after I got the hang of it Moom worked great! I use it for my eyebrows and am so pleased. One thing I would say is that they do not recommend that you warm Moom for eyebrow application - I had to warm it to get the consistency right. Highly recommended!"
    "Took some time to get the hang of what I was doing. Then it was really easy! It is 4 days later and my legs are still smooth!! I love it, because I am one of those unfortunate who needs to shave her legs every day. 5 Stars!!!"
    "I've been waxing my own legs for years and have tried EVERYTHING. After using MOOM for the first time, I'm sold! Great instructions, generous size (I only used a fourth of the jar on two full legs) a great glass jar to keep the mixture warm for a long time (seriously only takes 20 seconds to warm), nice stiff strips (which can be used 2 or 3 times each during your waxing session), and amazingly easy cleanup (melts off in warm water). I thought MOOM was less painful than regular waxing because it pulls only hair, not skin. This product was fast and easy to use. Took off all the hair and left my skin in great shape. I will not dread waxing my legs anymore. I'm a customer for life."
    "This stuff is awesome!!! Everything I've tried on my bikini area has left me with a red, bumpy, itchy, painful rash that lasted for 2-4 weeks. And most of them didn't work, either. Moom is fast, odorless, almost painless, and left tiny, painless, non-itchy bumps for less than 48 hours. Just wipe the area with pure witch hazel right after, and then 12 hours later. These guys have a customer for life."
    "This is the best waxing product I have ever used. It is significantly less painful than wax-based products. My favorite thing about it, though, is the easy clean-up - no additional products needed. This makes it easy to wax often when you have a few stubborn hairs. The reusable strips are fantastic (buying muslin strips over and over again can get expensive). I wouldn't recommend this product to someone who has never been professionally waxed. You can certainly pick up some techniques from the pros and you can better gauge pain level and the product after you know what it should feel like and how it should work."
    "I really wish I could give this 1,000 stars!! I am a huge skeptic when it comes to hair removal products. I have literally tried them all in the last 20 years with just so-so results at the most. I was expecting the same with Moom, but I am thrilled that I was wrong. This product actually WORKS!!! It took only one try and one application and all of my upper lip hair came off. There was no need to tweeze after. I got the same results for my eyebrows, clean as a whistle. It is very easy to use, you just have to be patient when applying the sticky stuff (this is not a procedure you should due in a rush). I didn't even have to heat the product. So if you are hesitant about trying this don't be. I have a very high standard when it comes to things I put on my face. I happily endorse this product 1000000%!"
    "I really liked this product. I have thick, course hairs on my legs and this product removed them easily. Make sure to apply the Moom stuff very thin. You also have to keep it at the consistency of honey (if it gets too thick, pop it back in the microwave for 10 seconds). It works really well if you follow the directions! If some hairs are too long (or not long enough) it won't take them off. I love the fact that Moom washes off with water and does not have a bad odor! Great product and I WILL be purchasing more."
    "I am a 63 year old female. It is not often that I buy a product that lives up to its claims. Moom Hair Removal does that. I shaved my chin for YEARS! Then, recently, made the bad decision to shave my upper lip. Things got really out of hand. Didn't want to use chemicals on my face--plus, they smell bad. Moom removed the hair cleanly and well. My chin hairs come back in slower; not as many, and less coarse. Same for upper lip. I have been so pleased!"
    "Moom is a wonderful hair removal product. Less painful than wax, washes off with water- a dream! Great info guide in the package- goodbye shaving! I've tried EVERYTHING for my dark, coarse leg hair, and this is the first product that didn't have any caveats! LOVE it."
    Most important - Moom washes off with water! It was less painful than wax and did I mention it washes off with water? After trying so many different messy waxes, using this product was wonderful. Water! I would recommend reading the directions and following them exactly for the right results. Use is slightly different from waxing. And then just wash the rest away - with water!!"
    "I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! MOOM ROCKS! Before I used Sally Hansen SugarWax, and thought that was probably the best thing I could find until I read all these great reviews (thanks drugstore.com reviewers!) and decided to give it a try. Well this is so much better. It can go on much thinner (therefore using less product), and is virtually painless! The bikini area is an exception, 'cause we all know it will hurt down there. But it's not overwhelming pain and it's all worth it! It pulls all of the hair and doesn't leave your skin red, irritated or abused. It practically cuts my hair removal time in half because I don't have to wait for my skin to stop hurting and redo parts over and over! It's true what the packaging says! After a few minutes, your skin feels fine! No need for post treatment lotions or anything! If you're not really sure about getting this, you should get it and try it. You won't be sorry. I LOVE MOOM!"

    "I have to say this is the best stuff I have ever used. It was quick and painless and cleans up easily. Getting it on super thin is the key though. I have been a long time user of Nads and it always hurt when I used it, plus you always had to hurry and get it done before it became too heated with your body heat, plus I always had to either go over it a couple more times or pluck the strays. Moom is awesome! The hair doesn't even grow back nearly as fast as it did with Nads. Anyway, I would recommend Moom to anyone!"

    "This stuff is great. Of course it hurts to pull off the strips, but it gets easier each time you do it. The one thing that could be hard for some people is that you do need to wait until the hair is fairly long for it to work really well. Luckily I have very light hair, so that doesn't really matter to me."

    "This is the best waxing product I've ever tried! Quick, easy, and relatively painless. There could be more in the container, but other than that, it's a fabulous product."

    "This product is great. I ordered with a lot of doubts because I'm removing coarse, hard to remove hair. It not only worked, but somehow it didn't hurt quite as much as the other wax type removers. Also, the clean up was so easy. Every drop wipes up with just a little warm water."

    "After reading all the great reviews, I myself decided to give this a try. I am glad that I did, because this is a really great at home waxing kit. You can use it anywhere. It is great that it is packaged together. This made it a great deal. I would use this again in a heartbeat and would recommend it to anyone who is tired of shaving every 3 days. I love waxing and have almost given up on the razor."

    " I waxed all my life and I'd rather wear pants than shave. But I started getting really tired of my waxing system from OneTouch, because of broken skin, length of time needed to wax, etc. When I read some of the Moom reviews, I decided to give it try. I LOVE IT!!! I kept staring at the strips with my hair on them....how was it possible???? Pain is minimal, application is a breeze, and hair removal is almost total. And after you're done, you put the strips in the sink with a little detergent and hot water, and the glue melts away! If you know what you're doing, this is the best!!! However, the strips are barely enough to do your legs and they're definitely not reusable during the same sitting. Nonetheless, LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!"

    "This is the first time I used it (I've never used any wax product before). It was wonderful. The hair was removed completely and left with clean and smooth skin. I used it for upper lip, legs, and underarms. It really works!"

    "DEFINITELY for people who have waxed before. As an experienced waxer, I found it almost effortless. Worked well on my legs and underarms, but I did leave my eyebrows and bikini to the specialists, so I didn't try those. People who shaved previously, you need to let your hair grow 3 weeks before trying this, hair needs to be at least 1/3 inch long to be removed effectively."

    "I am so glad I decided to buy this stuff. I used it on my bikini line and it worked great! I was happy at how effective it was and it wasn't really all that painful. I mean you've gotta expect a certain amount of pain involved with waxing, but Moom is surprisingly bearable. I love how easy it is to clean up too. Just a little soap and water and it's gone. I think back with terror to that time I tried Nad's. Moom is a really great product that works on my sensitive skin and has me ready to hit the beach."

    "The best hair removal product I have ever encountered! So far at least. Depilatories (Nair) irritated my skin until it itched like crazy, shaving gave good but temporary results, and waxing left sticky residue. But this is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I totally LOVE it! It worked wonders on my bikini line and underarms and left my skin smooth and soft as a baby's after you rinse with water. Extremely easy to clean up (just use water), reusable strips, easy to use, and absolutely doesn't hurt! That might be due to my tolerance of pain but I will continue to use this product FOREVER!!! LOVE IT TO DEATH!"

    "I love this product! Moom is easy to use and very effective .If you are a first time at home waxer, it will take a few tries to perfect. This is a great product to learn with, go slow and do small areas at a time. Moom does not need to be hot like wax only warm so you can't burn yourself. I also love the way you can rinse Moom off with warm water. My skin is very sensitive and I had no problems with this product on my bikini area just a bit of redness for a few hours (much less than with a salon waxing). This is a great product!!!"

    "If used right, it works well. Just follow the directions. When they say, "apply a thin coat, they mean thin. All I could say is that it worked well on my bikini area. It isn't as painful as waxing. If you can endure waxing, you can endure this product."

    "I really did like this product better than the NAD's. I used this product on my arms and they were so smooth and the wax was so easy to remove. Usually when I use wax there is a sticky residue for a couple of days no matter how many showers I take. I was really pleased and happy with the product. I do recommend however buying more strips and instead of sticking them strips in the washer to hand wash without soap. The product is water-soluble and if left in warm water, rinses out quickly."

    "This is a great product. Fairly fast, very easy, and effective. You should not use this product if you've never waxed, but if you want a cheaper and less painful alternative to waxing, this is it. The advantages to waxing over shaving and Nair-type products are that the hair grows back softer, finer, and less often. So you don't kill your boyfriend with sandpaper legs or yourself with those horrible blades (whoever thought of running razor blades down their skin?!). I agree that you might want to invest in extra strips, but they come clean if you just soak them in hot water for a few minutes and hang dry (it's not necessary to wash them to death). Moom says you can use the same strip on more than one section, but I found this a bit painful."

    "This really does work pretty well, and I thought I was totally done with sugar wax and muslin strips. It's gentle on the skin and pretty darn effective if you follow the directions (wash legs and lightly powder). My only complaint is that the strips fall apart in the wash! I tossed them into the hot wash in a mesh baggie, and they came out all frayed and nasty. It would be great if the manufacturer could bind the edges. Also, there aren't enough strips in the kit, ensuring that you'll pretty much have to buy an extra one."

    "In my opinion this is the best way to remove hair from the bikini line. Its fast and easy and washes off and dissolves with water and a washcloth. If some drops on the counter top, no problem, just clean it up with some water and your fingers or a washcloth. I use it with the Gi Gi white cloth epilating strips which is recommended for use with water soluable wax. I even use this for my underarm hair but it misses a few more that you have to get with the tweezers."

    "I have coarse hair on underarms and bikini area and fine hair on legs and this works great on both. Doesn't work as well on the coarser hairs when it's shorter so I have to use this every 2 weeks or so to get the hairs that I miss. I had a hard time using it the first time since I didn't rub hard enough and pull off correctly. I usually don't need to heat it up since my body heat warms it up and makes it spreadable. Like how it's chemical free and natural. Pain only from ripping my hairs out, which I eventually get used to. Washes off easily with water. It does get some bacteria growing in the bottle over time with storage and usage... sugar makes good food for little organisms, if you didn't know. I am going to try using this when the mirror is NOT foggy to prevent moisture from entering the container."

    "I've tried dozens of facial hair removers over the years and Moom beats them all! It takes the hair off down to the root and I go about a month between waxing. The product lasts and the fabric strips last for years if you continue to wash them between use so you only need to buy refills of the wax. I highly recommend this product to anyone with difficulty removing facial hair. It is also easy on the skin altho occasionally I'll get a blemish or two on my chin a few days after a wax. I can live with that!"

    "I used to pay $15 every three weeks to have my face "sugared." It was sometimes painful and irritated my skin for at least a couple of days. Now I use MOOM every three weeks and get the same results for MUCH LESS MONEY and ABSOLUTELY NO IRRITATION."

    "I have been using this product for about 2 years now, and I'm completely happy with the results. The only cons are that there really aren't enough waxing strips (you can purchase muslin from a local fabric store to remedy this), and also that the women's version is more expensive. If you purchase MOOM for men, you get about twice the size, and it's the same stuff. Very easy to use, easy to clean up (warm water and a towel), very forgiving, and lasts a long time (1 jar has given me 1/2 yr + of full leg, bikini, face and armpit waxings)! A couple little tips... 1) put the sugar wax on and let it sit for a few seconds till it cools and more hair comes up the first time around 2) powder up your armpits/bikini and nether regions for best results 3) do not microwave it for over a minute! if it is too hot, stick it in a sink filled with cold water and stir till it thickens to a honey consistency."

    "I've been using it for about 2 years now. I am a doctor and love how there are no questionable ingredients used in the product and no unhealthy "after" lotion to apply. It does seem to hurt less than other waxes. I am a very hairy person-- but I love removing my hair with Moom. I waxed my bikini area last evening with minimal discomfort during and after the process. For waxing larger areas or the bikini line, I strongly recommend getting a wax warmer to keep the Moom at the perfect temperature to allow you to apply the paper thin strip of product that is recommended. I've tried the hot water and the microwave method and both are inconvenient for a big area like legs and fail to keep the Moom at the perfect temp for the bikini area. You should get extra fabric strips too as the kit doesn't come with enough of them. Overall, great product."


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