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I am selling these wrinkle relaxing facial patch called Frownies. There's a lot to tell about it, for example how it works, how to use it. The best way for you to find out is via it's offical website http://www.frownies.com

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Frownies For the Forehead & Between the Eyes - RM 128

Frownies Corners of the Eyes & Mouth- RM 128


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The following are consumer reviews:

My Frownie Techniques:
Frownies are available at http://www.frownies.com, but you can also find local places that carry them at that web site.

What are Frownies? Frownies are facial smoothers or patches made from natural, skin-friendly materials that are applied to the forehead and corners of the eyes and mouth to gently re-educate the underlying muscles to re-assume their correct, relaxed and natural tone. Frownies, in fact, allow the muscles to regain the strength and tone they have lost.

Do Frownies really work? Well, they've worked unquestionably well for me. I had a huge crease between my eyebrows, and it is now gone. Literally, gone, after only a week of using Frownies. I'm not kidding. I would never have believed it myself, had I not seen the results. I also have a forehead crease that goes horizontally across, and it has really diminished as well. And frankly, for it's price, I think it's much better to try this first, before Botox.

How do you use them? My techniques: Frownies come attached to one another, and you can split them into squares or triangles. I use a whole square, taking off the pointy edges where it's perforated, and put it on so that the perforation between the two triangles is horizontal. I have a crease in my forehead that I'm trying to get rid of, too, which is why I use the whole square, but after some experimentation, I have come to believe that using an entire square provides more structure and support, and makes the Frownies more effective (though that does take the number of Frownies in your box down by half, it still seems to work better for me than just a single triangle).

When I use a square, I place it so that it covers the entire crease between my eyebrows, but not down to where my nose starts...it will work better, providing more support and staying on better if it's flatter.

Also, as for stretching the skin... here's the technique that I use, overall. I turn on the water to a thin stream, and dampen a finger. I rub the water from my finger onto the Frownie, so that it's shiny and wet, but not dripping. I hold the Frownie on one hand, and dry the other hand. Then, I lean my head back so gravity can help, and I use the dry hand to stretch my the skin while I'm placing the Frownie on the crease with my other hand. At this point, it's kind of a toss-up between keeping the Frownie in place while also stretching the skin (which for me is simultaneously stretching it horizontally for the crease between the eyes and vertically for the crease in my forehead, LOL!), and trying to keep it all stretched until the Frownie dries and sticks, which takes about 30-45 seconds, I'd guess. If your Frownie dries and when you try to frown, you don't feel at least a bit of a tug, you may not have stretched the skin enough.

I have found that using a gentle toner is nice before applying the Frownie, and makes application much easier and somewhat faster. Also, take care not to get your extra Frownies wet!!! I separate the Frownie I'm going to use that night first, then place the others back in the plastic wrap and put them into the box and back in the cupboard before ever starting to apply the Frownie.

If the Frownie slips and slides around a lot, it's too wet. If the Frownie curls up away from your skin a little at the pointy ends after application, it's not a problem...you can either leave it, or you can lightly wet it with a damp finger and press it down. The pointy edges aren't that big a deal- they're not the part doing the work for you.

In the morning, when you want to remove the Frownie, press a wet washcloth against the Frownie for about 30 seconds. I have yet to get a Frownie off without having to zip it off like a band-aid, but the wet washcloth seems to make it come off a little easier.

11/2003 *UPDATE* I have now been using the Frownies for a few months, and I am down to using the forehead Frownie only about 3 times per week. I am now ready to begin using the smile line Frownies. Honestly, I didn't use them before, because I couldn't bear wearing all this stuff to bed and having my dh see me look so funny. I'm a coward, I admit it, LOL!

Anyway, the one recommendation I have for the smile line Frownies so far is to be very careful taking them off. Press a very wet washcloth to the Frownie and wait a good amount of time before removing it. I find that the skin around my smile lines is a lot more sensitive than the skin on my forehead, and it tends to get irritated. Same goes for the eye line Frownies...be careful removing them! I'll post more after I've used the smile line Frownies for awhile. : )

11/2006 ***UPDATE UPDATE*** I used Frownies for a long time, but let's face it, they're a temporary fix and as time goes on, you may need something more. I currently use DDF Wrinkle Relax and it is excellent. I tried Fusion Beauty's LiftFusion Micro-Injected M-Tox Transdermal Face Lift for quite some time and saw some improvement, but then Sephora gave me a sample of Wrinkle Relax, and I simply can't say enough good things about it. My forehead crease is all but gone. The crease between my eyebrows is all but gone. I'm currently using it on areas I could never use Frownies because the skin was too sensitive- these are areas like the area where crow's feet form and smile lines. The DDF Wrinkle Relax is the singularly best product I have ever seen for wrinkle treatment. I wish it was paraban-free and more natural, but sometimes you have to choose your priorities. I chose fixing my wrinkles, which I'm not entirely proud of, but I also chose to use this instead of Botox, which I'm totally proud of. :)

04/2007 ***UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE*** I've recently discovered the value of a good facial. I took my DDF Wrinkle Relax to the mountains and experienced a minor product explosion due to the altitude and as I hadn't gotten around to replacing it, I was noticing my forehead crease, well, increase. So I booked an appointment STAT for a facial to get a professional opinion, and you know, the facial made a HUGE difference. Three weeks later, things are still looking good. I'll probably continue with the Wrinkle Relax, just to hit this sucker with a multi-phased attack, but I think the facial made a big difference.

01/2009 ***UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE*** In the past year and a half, I've gotten regular facials and this has helped a great deal with the crease between my eyebrows. When I went in for the first one, I was pretty sure I would have to turn to Botox or a filler if I didn't want the crease to get more noticeable over time, but the esthetician was confident he could make a real difference. Sure enough, the regular facials have made miracles happen, and at age 36, I'm still asked if I'm in my 20s. I'm couldn't be more pleased with the results!

More Reviews

"Frownies are pieces of thin cardboard with adhesive on the back. I don't know what's in the adhesive, but I have really sensitive skin and it is totally non-irritating. Also, it smells very lightly of eucalyptus and herby stuff.

You stick the Frownies on your forehead (or wherever you've got a line or wrinkle) and wear them through the night. Then, in the morning, the wrinkle or line is better. I read about them in Town and Country and ran right out to get them! Rene Russo uses them and swears by them.

All I know is that after only one night of use, my line is MUCH improved (at this point, it's practically gone), so much so that my boyfriend noticed, and my friend at work also said she saw a huge difference. And, after 5 hours of wearing makeup, the foundation has NOT caked into any frown line crease like it usually does. I'm attacking my smile lines next! I couldn't be happier, because I'd MUCH rather spend for a box of Frownies than $500 for Botox!!! : )

"You can learn more and order Frownies (or find out where to buy them locally) at http://www.frownies.com . This is my new HOLY GRAIL product. I am IN LOVE with this item!!! I can't believe it works, but it does!!! Yippeeeee! : )"

" I noticed an immediate improvement in the smoothing of the lines between my brows. The lines returned gradually as the day wore on, but having used almost my whole box now, I do notice the effect lasts all day. I am almost 46 and will for sure purchase some more of these things-they did more for me than any other product I have bought for my face."

"Okay. That's it. I've found my mission in life. I'm going to quit my day job and tell the whole world about the wonders of Frownies. But seriously, folks... Holy Grail is an understatement.
I'm 41, and my not-so-funny laugh lines were starting to get more and more pronounced. I had actually started researching treatments such as Botox, collogen injections, photofacials, etc. I wanted to make an informed decision before having $500 worth of botulism injected into my face, and in the midst of doing research over the internet, I happened upon Frownies info. I've been using these for about a month, and I look like I've had an eye lift. I kid you not.
Pattented in 1889, Frownies are simply brown paper patches that you stick over your wrinkles. The patches "train" your muscles to lie smooth, thus helping to all but eliminate the wrinkles.
They accomplish mechanically what Botox does chemically. What truly amazes me is how many people haven't heard of these things, including the gal that does my facials. The funny part is, the concept is so simple it's unbelievable -- until you try them for yourself. Okay, I'll shut up now. If you don't do anything intelligent with your life, at least get yourself some Frownies.
For more complete info, check out their website at

"I love finding these kinds of things, old tried but true remedies. The packaging is incredibly cute, with a bit of gold tissue and the product is simple....so simple it works! The little stiff shapes are kinda hard to use for me (I use the mouth ones) and I definalty feel stupid with brown paper stuck to my face, but come morning, Wowzers. This is a real Oldie But Goodie."

"I think these help the wrinkles that are caused by expressions. I do get botox in my forehead every six monthes and these can't compare. However, for the places you can't get 'Bo, such as around your mouth and on your crows' feet(I get injections there, too, but not as much), this is a nice, very temporary alternative.
It has no mystical properties. It is exactly the same smell/taste of the old-fashion envelope closures. Not irratating, with one BIG exception: use with extreme caution if you use Retin-A. I impatiently ripped one off the other day and with it took a very fine layer of skin. Funny, but it acted like a peel and now I have NO wrinkles there! ha ha.
I'll keep using them, probably. I don't really like to have my mouth glued partially shut all night, but all in the name of beauty"

"I bought these after I heard Rene Russo uses them. She is pushing 50 almost and she looks like she's in her 30's. I am sure she can afford to have other procedures but I had to find out for myself..As explained in other reviews, these are tapes that adhere to your face..They feel like mailing envelopes almost but cut into pieces..You can buy them for your forehead, eyes, and mouth. I bought them all..After only 4 nights of use, my forehead lines are almost gone. I, too, would rather use these instead of Botox. I think I will stick with these. I was skeptical but what I have seen in the mirror makes me a believer.."

"I have read about these in a few beauty magazines, Renee Ruso supposedly swears by them. They have been around for years, but they actually work!! You wet the adhesive patches, they come in two types, for the forehead and eye/lip area. Also, you are to wear them for a minimum of 3 hours at a time. I have been using them at nighttime. I have very faint lines starting on my forehead, I want to be preventative, these fine lines have all but disappeared. Great product, highly recommend, not irritating at all as well. I believe they are supposed to "train" your muscles to not make the movements that make your skin wrinkle, sort of sounds like Botox to me!"

"A definite must have for wrinkles! I couldn't believe how well these work! I wish I would have found these years ago when the lines first started appearing on my face.
My husband made fun of me the first time I wore them to bed, but WOW is there a definite difference in my face. The lines in the corners of my eyes are gone and the very deep forehead lines are dramatically reduced.
I agree, the instructions are the best in at explaining how to apply them. But before I wetted the adhesive (which didn't irritate my sensitive/dry skin either) I played jigsaw puzzle on my face and was well rewarded after just 3 applications."

"I began using these about 2 weeks ago on my forehead. I definitely notice a change in the morning when I take them off and I think this effect will be cumulative and eventually help in the long term. I will buy again. "

" tried Frownies for the first time this year upon turning 33 when I noticed my facial musculature starting to droop. Yikes! I can attest this product has had miraculous results for me. You have to do the 30 day consistent treatment, but I have noticed extremely long lasting results after cutting down to every three days and not having used them for several weeks, I can still tell the difference. I will say that as an acne/red mark sufferer, these can irritate your skin, so do take care when removing them and immediately (but gently) remove the glue underneath. The key to using these successfully is following instructions ... they WILL work."

"I just have to say that Frownies are AWESOME! I am 28, but am starting to see some expression lines on my forehead and corners of my mouth, so I decided to give these a try. I am so happy I did. These have really worked for me so far. I've used them 5 nights in a row, and wake up with smooth line-free skin! This stuff really works! "

"Frownies work for me. I have only used them on the forehead so far. If you stick with it for 30 days, you'll see the difference. I look like I had botox on my forehead. "

"I'm 28 & started noticing lines around my left side (eye and mouth) a couple of years ago. I realized that it was from sleeping on that side. I have since been using the frownies on that side and lines are gone! They do look silly & my boyfriend can't help but laugh. If this was a *new* relationship.. no way I would wear these around him"

"I can't believe these things work....stiff paper cut outs with adhesive on one side (!)......but they do, and I honestly don't think it's all psychological! I'm 31 and started to notice a little vertical line on the right side between my brows. I read about these in a magazine very recently and decided to give the forehead ones a try because they are so easy and natural. Even though I don't use them religiously every night (I'm trying to improve on this), they have already helped the line smooth out! More than all the creams and stuff I have tried (although at-home peels smooth my lines well for a few days, too). I wish I had known about these 10 years ago! The forehead frownies don't bother me much and generally stay put all night (I lay on my back). I rip them off dry in the morning but you can also wet them and they come off more gently. They are reasonably priced (espcially compared to botox or surgery) and they can be *sharp-edged* indeed. My husband calls me the "diamond clan" when I wear these to bed and he's been poked by the edges a few times (you can cut off the sharp edges, as mentioned by other reviewers). I also finally picked up the eye/mouth Frownies but they are more annoying to tear apart and feel more noticeable on my face for now. However, it's worth the effort. Frownies are definitely worth trying at least once, especially if you are younger and trying to "maintain" without drastic measures. "

"I'm 26 and started developing 1 vertical line between my eyebrows. I thought it was from frowning, even though I think I smile all the time. However, since I sleep on my stomach with an awkwardly positioned face, it turned out the deep wrinkle was actually from compressing skin during sleep.

Started using Frownies 10 days ago and the wrinkle was gone by day 4!!! It's made of sturdy paper, so it keeps my face in place :))) This is by the way the reason why I think duct or any other tape would NOT work - it would be just too soft.

This hard piece of paper is like a physical barrier. Works great for me. I've skipped a couple of days and though wrinkle does return it's definitely not as deep. I'm thinking I'll be doing it about 4-5 times a week, simply because I want to give my forehead skin some breathing time at night.

I haven't developed any irritation from the glue.

As far as removing the thing - if you just pull it off dry, well OF COURSE it'll be just like tearing a bandaid. Instead I wet my fingers and put a bit of water on the edges, then lift them up and gradually add water and lift more and more. It comes off within 10 seconds, water helps a lot. Doesn't leave any marks if you do it like this."

"Last year I was noticing this "indention" in my forehead.. and started noticing that others didn't have it.. and I am young so I started to become self conscious. I started using wrinkle cremes and now sunscreen and staying out of the sun (at least my face). Then I realized when I squinted or frowned that it was worse and I would often stretch my skin back to create a *smooth* forehead.. one which I should have. I consciously started to straighten my forehead all the time being aware of my facial movements and this would often cause headaches. I tried to think of some way to flatten my forehead and take the pressure off it by wrapping my head with a scrunchie headband and realized there had to be some way to control this. Then i came across *Frownies* and these were exactly what I was looking for!!! After only having used them for 2 days I find that I am already starting to automatically straighten my forehead and my forehead also appears more smooth looking. These things are great and I hope that through continued use (up to 30 days or more) that I will show even greater improvement! The earlier you use these, the better! Especially if you have an uncontrollable habit for frowning or squinting. The forehead ones are great, but I am not so sure about the others yet. I've heard the eye ones are too harsh though."

"All hail frownies! - count me converted. Just bought my second box at Walgreens - I tried them all at once, slopped them on my forehead, crows feet, and smile lines around my mouth for a full month. After about 10 days, I kept catching myself in the mirror, and thinking that my forehead looked weird, but it didn't register until later that it was RELAXED - that must be what having botox looks like! Now, a month later, my wrinkles are so minimal I keep getting carded, and my skin looks much more toned. Love love, love, these, well worth the small hassle of sleeping with glue and construction paper on your face, ad you can't beat the price."

"I've been using Frwonies for about two years. I only use them between my eyes. I LOVE them, I no longer have that mean frown and because of my consistent use the muscles are now trained to stay relaxed. I am almost forty-nine years old, have three sons and people are shocked when I tell them (I am proud of my age and so don't have a problem revealing it) as they usually guess me at around 35 years old!! No kidding! I owe much of it to Frownies and great genes from my father"

"I  love the low-tech old fashioned look of these. I have little verticle lines at the corners of my mouth starting to show. I mostly wear these during the day when I'm home alone because I'm embarassed SO will laugh at me. I'm sure they'd work faster if I wore them all night. I think I'll start tonight, darn him. These do a great job, even if its just because they're keeping the little creases moist. If they feel too awkward in the beginning, maybe cut them a little smaller until you are used to them. This decreases the tension on your face. Always moisten them a lot before trying to remove, or else you will get a rash, the glue is strong. These are classic, they've been around forever because they work."

"I'm a little embarassed to admit that I have purchased this, but I've really been stressing about the "11's" between my eyebrows, (causing even deeper wrinkles), so I thought I would give this a try. 

It seems to make sense to "splint" your face as I am an OT and know the importance of splinting a extremity to help it heal. That is basically what Frownies does. So I just put my Ice Elements Edelweiss Serum instead of Frownies Spray Activator on the backing and apply it per directions.

First of all, it does seem a little uncomfortable at first, but I have gotten used to it especially after the difference I have noticed after just a weeks worth of wearing it! I am amazed at how much smoother those "11's" are and it even feels smoother underneath the skin. I think it will be definitely repurchasing with the results I am seeing so far. I will update if it all ends up being in my head...

FYI, I haven't noticed any breakouts which is surprising since I just knew the vegetable-based glue would surely have a negative effect, and as far as the pain some have mentioned in taking it off, it helps to moisten the paper before you take it off and it does not hurt at all that way"

"I love this product. I don't use this every night, I use it about 3x a week. Nevertheless, it has become a staple in my skincare regimen.
I also used it on my boyfriend who has blond hair/blue eyes and loves to sit out on the sun/ falls asleep for hours on the beach, in the hot sun. He is also very expressive, so he moves his face a lot. Needless to say, he was looking much older than 25! I put the frownies on him one night and they made a huge difference. Even he saw it!
You need to buy this product. I also exfoliate regularly with glycolic acid, and use Resolution by Lancome, as well as St. Ives apricot scrub and Anthelios XL SPF 60 total sun block.
I hope my review helps!"

"I bought these after reading the reviews here and at another website. I am thoroughly impressed! It's not instant, but if used consistently, they DO WORK! I have noticed a vast improvement of the lines on my forehead and between my eyes. If you moisten them to remove them, they come off quite easily and with no irritation. Well worth the money in my opinion, and especially because it is non invasive with no side effects. I will purchase these again."

"I am 56 and have been using Frownies on my forehead for a long long time. I had tried Botox too (twice) but it wore off very quickly. I have very strong currugator muscles! Since I have tried both, I can tell you that the Frownies do work. But not nearly as well as Botox. (Duh!) However, I am happy with the tradeoff. The result you get from Frownies builds over time. For the first several months the lines would return soon after I took off the Frownie in the morning. Over time, the muscles have really learned to relax. I plan to keep using them and maybe even try using them when I am alone in my studio as well as at night."

"I'm a real fan of Frownies. They do work and work very well, but you have to give them time: this is not an overnight miracle sort of product. I had a terrible "number eleven" as I am a serious brow-furrower. After a couple of weeks of using these gems nightly, the furrows were greatly reduced. Really is "better than botox" because there are no potentially bad side effects. Just don't forget that you're wearing them and go out in public; people will look at you strangely.
One thing to keep in mind if you do decide to try them: the first time you wear them and remove them, they will pull out the fine hairs on your skin. It hurts a bit, and may irritate your skin temporarily. This is a one-time thing, though, because once the little hairs are gone you will have no more discomfort upon removing the Frownie. All in all, this is a price worth paying considering the results you get. "

"Frownies + No-Motion Lotion = Awesomeness

Okay I am posting again because of my recent discovery of how well these work for notcturnal frowning when when you smear BlissLabs No-Motion Lotion on the back of it.
Frownies did a fairly good job on it's own but it just wasn't sticky enough. Some mornings it was barely still stuck to my forehead yet when it did stick well it worked great so I knew if it was just stickier I'd be happy. Well now I know what will make it stick on there all night -- No-Motion Lotion. I got the NML about a year ago and found to be barely useful by itself. However, when I use it with Frownies it's perfection.
I tried it because I got low on Frownies and couldn't get to the store. So I took the No-Motion Lotion that has just been sitting around and smeared it on the back of a used Frownie. Wow!! I was so please with the results that this is my new routine and it is working great. My results are even better than the Frownies alone. In fact I have to be careful taking it off because it will pull out eyebrow hairs and pull skin off.
Also another benefit is it makes one Frownie for a whole week. I'm thinking of trying out other paper I have around the house too so I can save even more money. Oh, the bottle of No-Motion Lotion is pricey at $36 but it has lasted forever so I think the cost is worth it.
The only thing I wish for is that it was invisible so I didn't feel so silly in front of my husband. He says it doesn't bother him though and doesn't think it's dumb!

Earlier post:
I passed on this for a couple of years because I thought it was some kind of joke. And I continued to use my surgical tape from the drugstore even though it didn't work perfectly. Finally, a sample of Frownies landed in my shopping bag one day and I gave them a try. They work wonderfully. They won't get rid of your wrinkiles exactly but they will stop you from making it worse while you sleep. I will buy again and again. Unless I get up the courage to try Botox that is."

"Updated review - Now 32 years old, with a teething 10 month old boy that has lost his sleep. Result - I never rest and I frown in my sleep. When I wake up from my non-existent sleep, I have a deep-ish 11 line that makes me look even more tired and frustrated.
So I dug around my cupboard and found my frownie stash. Used it 1 afternoon and the following night. Result - 11 is 90% gone. For real. It is almost gone.
I swear to wear this in my sleep from now on. My skin looks so taut, it has not looked like this in years. It really does work!"

"waited 9 months to write this review. I have been using this several times a week since the beginning of this year. All I can say is it really works. At 43, I look really young because I have great skin and great body, but my 11 lines are quite deep. I found frownies at one of the board. Now my 11 lines are only remotely visible. When I use my figure to feel them, they are actually so much shallower. So I know there is actual long term benefit. Some people complain about it being temporary fix. What's not? Even surgery is temporary. I am very happy about this little beauty secret."

"I have been using these for about a week and I pleased with the results so far. It says on the package that you need to wear these for at least three hours at a time, for at least 30 days straight, and they will actually retrain the muscles so that the creases that you have go away and you do not create deeper lines. After the 30 days you should be able to use them 4 times a week to maintain the results. I purchased these because lately every morning when I wake up the crease between by eyes is deeper, because I stress out in my sleep!! I am 32 and I see this as a situation that is only going to get worse, so I thought I would give these a try. I have been wearing them overnight, as I figure 8 hours will give faster and better results than 3 (3 might be good if you want a boost before a big night). I am thrilled that I no longer wake up in the morning looking older than when I started. I have tried all kinds of night creams, but none are designed to address the problem that frownies are. The results wore off a bit toward the end of the day (stressful job-furrow brow a lot), but since the promise is to retrain the muscles, I expect that after 30 days the results will be more permanent. I will update you accordingly. I have to say that I will be glad when I only have to wear them 4 days a week though, because going to sleep with a "bandaid" on my head, as my husband calls them, takes a lot of the sexy out of the bed!  You get 144 frownie triangles, which they say will last 3-4 months. I only gave it a 4 for the husband-tease factor, but these are definitely a must have for this stress case."

"I purchased the ones for the forehead because the lines on my forehead were getting embarrassingly deep - I looked like I was always frowning. After using them every night for a few weeks, the lines are almost gone. I have been using them for months now and I love the results. You do have to use them regularly or the effects wear off in a short period of time. I couldn't believe they worked - it seemed too simple and silly but I am a huge fan now!
I also pull them off dry because like one of the other reviewers says, it works like a pore strip. I do not have particularly sensitive skin though, so if you do you should definitely dampen them before removing."

"hmm, i've known about this product for a long time, but not really taken it seriously. it's not terribly expensive though, and the one vertical line i have between my brows has been getting more pronounced lately (i'm 31 now and have had this line since i was 24), so i decided it was worth a try. was slightly worried i might react to the glue, because my skin is quite sensitive, but so far so good.
anyway: RESULTS! after one night, that evil line is already reduced and i just look so much nicer! (and more relaxed and less angry.)
the funny thing is, i even felt more relaxed wearing it.
will definitely keep using this.

as for removal: if you bother to read the instructions, it actually says to soak the patch before removing it. then it's not the least bit uncomfortable. don't bitch about that being painful if it's you who can't be bothered to use the product the way it's supposed to be used.
UPDATE: oh, ok i said some things about following the instructions and not ripping this off dry. however, i've found that if you do it also works like a pore strip..."

"Love the frownies. I frown in my sleep and these really help. But, I just noticed that I am losing eyebrows as well as frown lines. Anyone else have this problem. I just noticed this. I hope they grow back as they are in the center of my face. Oh, the price of beauty!"

"Frownies really work! I've tried tons of creams, lotions, peels, masks, etc., and nothing REALLY worked on the lines.
When you first start using them, they may be a little hard to get used to, but you have to keep wearing them every single night, and every day if you're at home alone.
Yes, they do leave a little bit of a dent, but it's temporary, and lines are not. I put my face cream on first, wait about 20 minutes, and then clean the area a LITTLE with some plain water to make sure there's no oil to stop it from sticking, and then wet & apply the frownies. Since I'm a stay at home mom, I not only wear them all night while sleeping, but I wear them all day at home as long as I'm not going anywhere. Try to take them off about 30 minutes to an hour before you're going to go somewhere so the dent has time to go away.
What I think it kind of cool is if you rip it off, it kind of "waxes" the area and removes some of the peach fuzz, making it appear even more smooth.
If you religiously use these every single day, they will work. If you stop using them, the lines will come back. If you're a person that is very "animated" with your facial expressions when you talk, listen, etc., you'll benefit from wearing these even while you're awake, if you can. The sun makes me glare, which is what originally caused my lines, and the kids do things to make me glare sometimes too lol, so I wear these all the time as long as I'm home.
Also, since glaring and facial expression is generally what causes lines in the first place, try to be more aware of your facial expressions. Try to wear sunlgasses and not glaring when the sun is out. Try not to glare when listening or when you're annoyed. If you can avoid smiling too big, or raising your eyebrows & forehead when applying masara and other makeup, do that as well to prevent lines from getting worse. It takes a little practice, but it makes a difference. I'm not suggesting you change your life and become a non-expressive robotic type thing, just when you're at home, try to tone down the expressions, especially the glaring, because the "glare lines" are going to be the most unattractive and you'll end up looking permanently angry like me. ;)"

"I have used them every night for close to a year now. They diminished my frown lines to nothing.
I am extremely happy and will always use Frownies, but their claim that you have to use them only for 30 days and then just for maintenance is bunk. I once went without cuz I ran out, and I got back my lines back in just one day.
I am enslaved to Frownies and I truly see using them forever, but it's worth it to me.
I wet them with a little water, stretch my skin, and plaster them on while pressing a towel on them. The towel absorbs any excess water.
I also use the mouth-corner ones and have done so for about a year as well. It DOES NOT reduce the smile lines, but it does prevent the smiles lines from getting worse and best of all -- it alllows me to sleep on my side without worry. I cannot sleep on my back.
I do not use the eye corner ones, so I cannot vouch for those. The box of mouth-corner ones come with the eye-corner ones, and I just use the eye-corner ones for the frown lines.
One tip: Recycle frownies by using eyelash adhesive on old ones. Frownies can be hard to put on at first and even when you are very experienced, and they work best on clean dry skin. If you have trouble, just try again with a new one and recycle the old one by using the eyelash adhesive the next night.
Good luck!"

"I'm on my third box of the triangular Frownies which I'm using for vertical frown lines above my nose.
Those lines are now significantly (about 50%) reduced. Although the company's info implies that maximum results can be obtained in about a month, my frown lines still seem to be gradually improving with nightly use.
I wear three of them all night, every night. I use one directly over the frown lines with the rounded point pointing down towards my nose and two other overlapping that one with the rounded points pointing up towards my hairline.
(I apply them in bed, without using a mirror or bothering to stretch the skin. They seem to stick better if I lick the non-glue side before licking the glued side: That softens the paper so it conforms to my skin better. Most nights them stay on very well despite being applied over my nighttime skin treatments.)
My frown lines had been developing since I was in my 20's, so they were deep grooves which are now about half as deep and shorter than pre-Frownies. Also have horizontal wrinkles across my forehead that have improved significantly.
Have also been using Retin-A every day for the last 6 months, and I think that has also contributed to the significant improvement in forehead lines, with the Frownies making the deeper lines shallower and the Retin-A reducing the fine lines.
At this point, I'm considering getting rid of the bangs I grew about 20 years ago because my forehead looked older than the rest of my face. Since treatment with Frownies and Retin-A it is the youngest-looking part of my face.
I plan to continue to use Frownies nightly indefinitely, although if the lines go away completely, I may switch to 3 times/week.
Although it can take a long time to get results with this product, I rated it 5 stars because other than prescription retinoids such as Retin-A, it may be the only home-use product that actually gets rid of some wrinkles."

"A co-worker and I were discussing our age and she stated the only thing that aged my face were the dreaded '11s" sitting between my eyes. The horror! I had not even considered them noticeable none the less a problem. Needless to say I began trying a variety of products and stopped short of Botox injections. I read many positive reviews about Frownies but figured that technology had improved over the past 120 years and wanted an improved, high tech solution to my lines. I was sooooo wrong, little did I know that craft paper was the cure I was searching for. The Frownies made an instant improvement to the lines and over a couple of weeks made the lines disappear. There was such an improvement that the same co-worker asked me if I had work done! Unfortunately if I skip a few days the lines begin to come back. Also a piece of paper stuck to my forehead is not the most attractive look but it works.  I will be buried with a box of Frownies and look great in the afterlife!"

"So one fine morning when the postman rang my doorbell (he buzzes it 3 short times to let me know) I sprang out of bed anticipating what goodies had arrived for me, and as I quickly rushed to the door and threw a quick glance in the mirror on my way to quickly sort out my poofy bed hair - I stopped DEAD in my tracks, I was "branded" with THE dreaded 11 between my eyebrows, I swear I nearly fainted. I've never come close to seeing something like "that" on me before, and seeing my Mum- who's 74!- does not have any 11 lines, or ANY lines as a matter of fact, nor does my sister who is a year and a half older, I thought why meeeeee! Anyhoo, after I settled down, my SO comforted me etc. I went back to sleep and a few hours later on when I woke up, sure enough "it" had gone. But, it certainly left me psychologically scarred :) it was just so weird and so sudden and it was SO deep too! (Needless to say for the next few weeks I would wake up suddenly and grab a mirror and sigh a breath of relief when all was okay) However, it got me thinking and I decided to step up and take some measures to be on the safe side so as not to go through that again (I think it was due to a lot of stress I was going through at the time, but still, that day freaked me out!) So, I decided to order Frownies, and I LOVE THEM! I don't exactly have an 11, but whenever I wake up after having applied a patch every night, the area where I have applied looks so amazingly smooth! wow! I can't rave enough about them! They are fantastic! Will buy them forever! and I really think they are preventing any 11's springing up again like that. HG material. "


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