Entry: BATHING BEAUTIES..LETS UNITE. Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have some bath goodies in stock. They just came, fresh as ever from Bath & Body Works stores.

Update November 2009: Only the hand wash can be re-ordered.

First up is Warm Vanilla Sugar Antibacterial Moisturizing Hand Wash. Contents are 8oz per bottle. At first i had a hard time justifying why would i spend 30 bucks on a hand soap until i tried it myself. Now it's bye-bye to those 7-8 bucks hand soaps. This is the most moisturizing soap i've tried and plus point..it's anti-bacterial too. Anti-bac does not mean harsh..nope..it's leaves my hands so soft, so comfortable and feeling very clean. Now everytime my BBW hand wash tinggal saki baki, i will experience a slight panic coz my palms will be dry and kasar. Tak sedap pegang. Gee..so plain yet so vain huh?!Hurmph RM 30 each. 2 in stock. Update: Both SOLD


Next i have one bottle of Simple Divine Cherry Pie 3in1 wash (bubble bath + shampoo + body wash all in one). Now this is for my personal use ya. After my customer, Fiza gave me a sample of the Cherry Pie lotion she ordered from me, i was hooked. it's so yummy..you can smell the sweet cherries and you can smell the lemak manis pie crust. No wonder they put the 'divine' word in front. However, if anyone is craving for this scent i am willing to part with it. I open the sale for this item for 3 days. If you are late, then come to my shower for free smells just like Famous Amous. Or just place an order with me. RM 70 per bottle. Both sold.

Then i have 4oz bottles of Wickedly Hot Chocolate 3in1 wash. They are wicked enough to make you drool. I promise!  RM30 each. 2 bottles in stock. Update, both sold.

If that is not enough to make the chocoholics salivate, i also have the 6oz Chocolate Escape 3in1 washes. Chocolate Escape smells of chocolate truffles. RM 40 each. 2 in stock. Update, both sold.

Whoopsie...i am not done yet. I have one more scent for the 6oz 3in1 washes..it's called Birthday Blowout. It smells like a lemon buttercream ice cream..or lemony vanilla frosting. Light and yummy! RM 40 each. 2 in stock. Update, both sold.

If you need more of the above or any other items, just place an order.

My postage rates are as usual. To Semenanjung would be RM 6 for the first item and add RM 2 for every additional item.

To Sabah/Sarawak RM 8 for the first item and add RM 3 for every additional item.


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