Entry: SNEAK-A-PEEK OF THE WEEK Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hello friends, how are you? I am in cherry pie heaven. The highlight of my day nowadays are bathing with my yummylicious cherry pie wash and sometimes i just popped in the bathroom to get a whiff of the scent. It's that good. Now i'm contemplating whether to get the Divine Cherry Pie Home Fragrance Oil (the kind you pour in a tealight burner) or the Warm Apple Pie Home Fragrance Oil. Both sounds delish!!

I have a few items  in stock and a few more coming soon. Some will arrive next week and some will arrive at the end of this month. Take a look and see what you might be interested in.


Since there is plenty to go round for everyone, i allow bookings. Just let me know your estimated date of payment and i will hold for you till then.

For scents that are not listed, you can still order them. Remember, i still have a great sale going on for the Signature and Collection Scents as listed in the few postings below.

Postage charges will apply as usual.

To Semenanjung will be RM 6 for the first item and RM 2 for every additional items.

To Sabah/Sarawak will be RM 8 for the first item and RM 3 for every additional items.

Ready To Go




1.       Pure Seduction EDT. Beautiful and fresh scent. RM 65. SOLD



2.       Sweet Daydream EDT. Fun and Fruity Scent. RM65. SOLD




3.       Very Sexy Hot EDP. Sexy floral scent. RM 230. Mark Down Price!



4.       Sweet Temptations Body Mist. Flirty Fruity Scent. RM 55. SOLD



5.       Sassy Strawberry Mint Body Lotion. Cool strawberries and slightly minty scent. RM 65. SOLD 



6.       Sparkling Peach Body Lotion. Fresh Peachy Scent. RM 65.



7.   Endless Love Body Mist. Beautiful fruity floral scent. RM 55 . Booked


Leaving On A Jet Plane

(Email me To Confirm the Flight Ticket Date)






1.       Sugar & Spice 3in1 Wash. Sugar & Spice and everything nice! Think of Gingerbread. 6oz. RM40. SOLD 







2.       Chocolate Chip 3in1 Wash. For Chocoholics around the world. 6oz. RM 40. SOLD





3.       Birthday Blowout 3in1 Wash . Lemon Cake Scent. 6oz. RM40.SOLD 






4.       Strawberry Syrup Tasty Tinted Lip Gloss. Lip licking goodness with a light tint. RM 45





5.       Pink Grapefruit Body Mist. When Vanilla and Grapefruit collides, the most amazing scent is born. RM 65.





6.       Twisted Peppermint 3in1 Wash. Candies in the shower anyone? 16oz. RM 70





7.       Frosting Forever Wash. Love licking the cream off the cake? 16oz. RM 70. SOLD 





8.       Blushing Cherry Blossom Body Mist. Fruity Floral Scent. RM 65.  Sold






9.       White Tea & Ginger Lotion. Fresh, Spa-like Scent. RM 65.





10.   Dancing Water Body Mist. For lovers of fresh neutral scents. Think of lilies dancing in the streams. RM 65.



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