Entry: QUICK GRABS UPDATE - 24 JULY Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yes..i do have some stuffs in hand. Take a look and see if there is anything that you need.

All sold.

All are in hand. No pre-order required.

BBW Banana Smoothie Lotion - RM65

A pleasant banana-strawberry lotion to indulge the skin

BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion - RM 65 - BOOKED

It's my favourite BBW scent for a lotion. Creamy, warm and comforting

BBW White Tea & Ginger - RM65

For those who enjoy spa-like scents.

BBW Dancing Waters Body Mist - RM65

Light watery floral scent. Perfect for those who can't stand fruitiness nor heavy florals.

VS Sweet Daydream EDT - RM65 and Sweet Daydream Body Mist - RM55.

BODY MIST SOLD. EDT is Available.

Apple and berries in a bottle! So nice!

VS Sweet Temptations Body Mist - RM55

A delightful mix of fruits. So refreshing!

Postage charges will apply as usual.


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